About PokerFi

The PokerFi Token aims to revolutionize transactions in online and live poker.

It is a token connected to the BEP20 network, binance's smart chain. Holders who have more than 35,000 coins will receive a percentage of the platform's profits, where 10% of the profits from NFT's and MarketPlace and 5% of all rake profits will be paid. You buy pokerfi, store it in your wallet, and once a week on random days will be distributed BUSD referring to the profits of the Platform.

PokerFi was created with two solutions in mind.

Utility Token

PokerFi will be used in its own poker platform, where it will be used together with BUSD to pay for tournament entries, cash game entries, and also integrated with in-person tournament payouts

Rewards for the holder

The PokerFi holder who owns more than 35,000 coins will receive a weekly share of the platform's profits. 10% NFTs and MarketPlace and 5% of the Rake profit. This profit will be paid in BUSD and proportional to the quantity of tokens that the holder has






Innovation in financial transactions within online and live poker

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